Armenia with Pashinyan: yesterday and today

21 days have passed since the beginning of the war, and the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are inflicting crushing blows on the enemy. After our victories on the front, it is possible to say that we won at the table. The drone technology that Azerbaijan received from Israel and Turkey is a new type of military equipment that the unprofessional Armenian army did not expect and was unable to repel. Hours after the beginning of the first humanitarian ceasefire (10.10.2020), the Armenians launched a rocket attack on Ganja, the second-largest city in Azerbaijan, and these events are just a few of the hated actions of the Armenians. There are good reasons to take the war in Nagorno-Karabakh to the surrounding areas. Initially, Armenia tried to involve the CSTO in the war, but Azerbaijan was unaware of this provocative attack. Pashinyan's government came with a revolution, and a kind of revolution was considered necessary everywhere, but Pashinyan became active in his political career in 2013 after his speeches as a journalist became popular. Pashinyan has neither the political skills nor the political leadership skills of Ilham Aliyev. It is true that he could make emotional speeches in front of the people, but together with his poor English, he suffered heavy defeats in the international political arena. Having lost his speech in Davos and debates in many other media outlets, Pashinyan has already switched to speaking in Armenian. Armenians are suffering a lot in the background.On October 17, 2020, 1,000 people became infected with Covid-19 in Armenia, and on October 18, 2020, 1,300 people became infected with Covid-19. After the defeats on the front, the Armenian government is going through a difficult period at home. Of course, this difficult period resulted in Armenia asking for help, which it was forced to do, because its allies are also in a difficult situation. Armenians, who have collected more than $ 100 million, use this money to buy weapons under the guise of humanitarian aid. In a world where terrorist groups can easily acquire weapons, Armenia can easily acquire weapons, but at the same time, it is provided with free weapons. Arms shipments to Armenia take place via Iran. Georgia has closed its airspace due to problems with Russia, Abkhazia and Ossetia. Of course, I think it is important for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry to visit Georgia before September 27, ie before the war. In the second point, Iran, which thinks that a strong Azerbaijan will somehow feed the Azerbaijanis inside Iran, does not want to see a strong Azerbaijan in the region. In this case, we see cars carrying weapons. That is why Russian weapons planes also fly over Iran. When the Azerbaijani side asks, they answer absurdly, "He was carrying construction materials." Against the background of the events, the Azerbaijani side never wants to return, because this time, if the conflict becomes passive, we will lose time at the table for several more years. The provocative attacks of the Armenians bring several other problems. Pashinyan's anti-Russian policy cost him dearly. The killing of an Armenian family by a Russian soldier in Gyumri also intensified anti-Russian policy. Later, slogans were chanted for the Gyumri military base, which has more than 5,000 Russian troops, saying "the Gyumri military base must be closed." Based on the reality, it is impossible for Armenia to survive alone in the region, because it is completely isolated and Iran's military-economic situation is not good. The more Iran tries to cut ties with the world, the bigger the explosion will be. With the crushing blows of Azerbaijan, the Armenian side will almost raise a white flag, but, unfortunately, Pashinyan, who has already sent his people to death, is not tired of these massacres.

 The Azerbaijani side has been losing to the Armenians in the social space for many years, but they set an incredible example of an organization in the 2020 Karabakh war. Celebrities deleted pro-Armenian posts, and those that were not deleted were bombarded with comments. More than 1 million tweets were shared on Twitter, and this event showed us that the Armenians deceived themselves that they are a very heroic, warlike people, but in fact, the opposite happened. On the Azerbaijani side, we have deceived ourselves that we do not have unity. Armenians were comprehensively oppressed in the great media struggle of the Azerbaijani side, and this oppression was based on direct reality. Like the battles on the front, there was a kind of war on social media. The Azerbaijani side began to inform the world community about the war with infographics. At the same time, he continues to convey reality to the world, breaking the will of the Armenians with comics and other means to express their names. The main thing is that we convey the reality, the facts, the realities. Pro-Armenian media representatives continue to be ashamed. When Solovyov spoke about the video "How Armenians went to war in the spirit" on the program, the Azerbaijani flag appeared and the pro-Armenian Solovyov was embarrassed. CBCWorldNews' Twitter page described the second Ganja terror as a rocket fired at Khankendi. The citizen shown in the photo had lost his daughter and wife and was looking around helplessly.

Elgun Tagizadeh, Lecturer at the Faculty of International Relations and Economics of BSU